Useful things and gadgets

October 17, 2020

Gadgets and things that proved as useful for me in the long run and that I can highly recommend:

  • Thrunite TN12 Flashlight - My version is from 2014 with warm-white LED.
  • Staedler pigment liner 0,5 - Very good pigment liner for taking notes and sketching.
  • Doxie Go SE Scanner - Already my second one. This proved to be the most effective scanner when going all paperless several years ago.
  • Peak Design Everyday Sling - Peak Design produces high quality bags and accessories for photographers. Their bags are equally useful for non-photographers. I really like the iPad sleeve in this padded sling bag.
  • Grid-It Cable Organizer - Untangle the charging cable mess in your drawer with this clever thing.

(no affiliate links, no advertising - just humble recommendations on my own experiences.)